boat at sea along amalfi coast

10 Things I’ve learned from the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has taught me many valuable life lessons, and I’ve had a whole lot of fun along the way. Here are 10 of the things I have learned while living and travelling on the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Everything in life looks better from a boat.

boat on the Amalfi Coast

Whether you are on a friend’s yacht or a little fishing boat, spending time at sea along the Amalfi coastline is one of the most relaxing and liberating experiences you can have. You can throw your worries to the wind and just take in the awesome scenery around you.

2. This may be a healthy breakfast.

healthy breakfast

But THIS is a delicious breakfast.

Cornetto alla nutella (pastry/croissant with nutella)
Cornetto alla nutella (pastry/croissant with nutella)

Here is my husband as he tucks into a scrumptious cornetto (as the locals call them).

Hubby eating cornetto pastry

He usually accompanies one of these delicious pastries with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.

And sometimes he follows with one of these.

zeppole sweet pastry eaten on the Amalfi Coast
Zeppole – another scrumptious sweet pastry eaten on the Amalfi Coast

My mother in law makes the best zeppole ever. Waking up to the exquisite aroma of freshly fried zeppole is a heavenly sensory experience!

3. You can (almost) never eat too much gelato!

Italian gelato

During every summer I spend on the Amalfi Coast I eat gelato, sorbetto or granita every day. Until you have tasted it for yourself you really can’t understand my need to eat it every day! I’m not saying the gelato here is definitely the best in the world, but it would be pretty damn close to it! There are so many delectable flavours to choose from and a lot of gelaterias offer dairy free options (such as real sorbetto and soy-based) and even gluten free cones now, so if you have any food intolerances like me you will literally be in heaven.

4. Italians living in small towns don’t need a personal trainer or bootcamp. They have STAIRS.


There are stairs to get to church, stairs to get to the shops, stairs to get to the beach, stairs to get to the hotels, and of course stairs to get home.

Stairs on the Amalfi Coast

5. This ain’t a lemon

standard sized lemon

THIS is a lemon!

Picking amalfi coast lemons
My hubby picking an Amalfi Coast Lemon

If you don’t know how amazing the lemons on the Amalfi Coast are you should read THIS.

6. There’s nothing like a beautiful view to calm your spirit and heal your soul.

me on the amalfi coast

The views you will witness whilst on the Amalfi Coast can calm even the most clouded head. Poets, writers, film producers and painters have been travelling to this part of the world for centuries. When you visit the Amalfi Coast you will see why so many artists come here to draw inspiration for their work and enter a state of total relaxation.

7. Sometimes it’s worth walking that little bit further to find that little piece of paradise.

hidden beach maiori

Some of the most beautiful little beaches, gardens, and views over the Amalfi Coast can only be discovered by walking up/down hundreds of stairs or hiking up hills. But once you get there, it really is worth it.

8. Sometimes the destination isn’t as important as enjoying the experience and the people you meet along the way.

la passeggiata walking on the amalfi coast

Italians have this wonderful tradition called “la Passeggiata”. It is a late afternoon or evening stroll usually taken along the main streets of the town or along the promenade if there is one. On the Amalfi Coast on summer evenings you can see whole families out for a walk and they regularly stop along the way to chat to other townspeople they know. Often when we go for these walks we spend more time actually talking to friends we meet on the street than actually walking!

9. A riposino a day keeps the doctor away.

Italian man sleeping

Most shops along the Amalfi Coast (excluding supermarkets) usually open around 9.00 or 10.00 am and close at around 1.00 – 1.30 pm. They then reopen again at around 4.30 – 5,00pm and stay open until around 8.00pm or even 10.00pm (in the summer). This gives the locals time to go home, have lunch and have an afternoon nap or riposino as the Italians refer to it (you have probably heard the Spanish word for it – siesta).

After trying it out myself I realised why the majority of the people living on the Amalfi Coast look so relaxed all the time! I’ve since discovered that recent research has been done which suggests that naps in the middle of the day are associated with reduced blood pressure.

10. No matter where I roam, this place will always hold a little piece of my heart.

Hubby and I on the Amalfi Coast

If you would like to share any of the things you have learned from travelling along the Amalfi Coast or would simply like some tips or ideas for your own holiday please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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    1. Yes, they do! The cornettos and all the other pastries are so much bigger and tastier than I have ever experienced in Australia. It is a wonderful place to holiday and if you have the chance to spend the best part of a summer there you would really get to experience the beauty and leisurely pace of the Amalfi Coast.

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